Site credits


All the written content and all the song recordings on this site are copyright Katarina Stenstedt. If you’d like to use any of my written content or music, please ask.

About the photos

Jazmin sleeping

Jazmin, photographed by Gene

Every photo on this site comes from one of four sources:

  • I created it.
  • My husband, Gene Anderson, created it.
  • I purchased the right to use it from iStockphoto.
  • It came from elsewhere, it’s okay to use, and I cite the copyright owner and include a link back to them.

If you see a photo on this site that doesn’t fall into one of these four categories, let me know and I’ll correct the situation!

Gene has a blog called Our Oakland, where he follows Oakland arts and culture.

The nuts & bolts

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To create the site’s design and functionality, I started with the Toolbox theme and tinkered from there. Thank you, Automatic Theme Team—that was fun. Nowadays I use Layers Pro.

I’m grateful to Cyberduck, the donation-ware that I use to upload files to this site. Yes, I’ve donated. I’m also grateful to W3Schools, which I visit regularly for CSS help.