July 9, 2011

Sabbath, a vexation

I received a few comments from people taking me seriously, so just to make my intentions crystal clear, I’ll tell you that the following post is meant to be ironic. I guess I need to work on my humor skillz…! 

Exodus 20:10

Thou shalt not do any work.

Who would say that to you? Maybe a boss, if she was firing you. Maybe someone who didn’t like how you did things and wanted you to stop helping and get out of the way.

“Thou shalt not do any work” is bad news. It’s the opposite of this comforting, familiar message:

Thou shalt be busy at all times.

If I am busy, it must mean I’m happy. If I am busy, I’m necessary. If I am busy, I feel okay.

So I should stay busy. My schedule should stay busy with this and that. My mind should stay busy with a flow of information and entertainment. And if I pray, even my prayers should stay busy, producing results. Prayer as restful, attentive silence? What a waste of time. God is busy!

The fourth commandment should be done away with. Figuring out how to rest is too big a burden. How can God ask it of us? And who obeys it anyway?