Spiritual direction training

For more about becoming a spiritual director, see “5 steps to becoming a spiritual director.” Many seminaries and retreat centers offer training programs…here are a few that I’m familiar with in the United States….

May 29, 2013

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Go in Peace – the album

My album Go in Peace, which includes ten of my original songs, came out in March 2013—the realization of a long-held dream! To read more about the CD and listen to some short samples, see the album notes. If you’d like to purchase my music, I hope you’ll buy a CD directly from me, either in person or […]

May 24, 2013

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2013 CD release concert

My CD release concert on May 18th was wonderful—it was a rich experience for me on many levels, and I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did. I performed the ten songs from Go in Peace with Bobby Medcalf on drums and Tess Evans Clark on guitar and vocals. My niece Kristina […]

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Contemplative Music for the Journey

The ten songs on my 2013 album Go in Peace are available on iTunes and Amazon, or you can buy the whole CD directly from me for $10 plus shipping. If you’d like to learn more, check out these listening samples and lyrics for Go in Peace.

April 12, 2013

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Album notes

Album credits Words and music by Katarina Stenstedt Vocals, guitars, bass, and keyboard by Katarina Stenstedt Drums and percussion by Bobby Medcalf Vocal harmony on “Kristina’s Song” by the lovely and talented Kristina Dunworth Produced by Bobby Medcalf and Katarina Stenstedt Recorded and engineered by Gene Anderson Mastered by Masaki Photography and album design by […]

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Go in Peace – the song

Go in peace, you are loved, you are lovedGo in peace, you are lovedGo with God, you are loved, you are lovedGo with God, you are loved The God who wove you in the darkthe one whose rough hands made your hearthad you in mind before the dawn of timeThe one who gazed with gentle […]

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Lord of the Waves

You walked all night to meet your friendsas the waves washed the soles of your feetThey saw you far off; they screamed in fright“Is it real? It’s a ghost that we see!” Take courage my friends, it is I, don’t be afraidTake courage my friends, it is I, Lord of the waves” Lord, if it’s […]

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Bless These Hands

O maker of the garden, hold these handsGive them the patience that they needto press the tiny seeds into the dirtand wait … wait … for new life to show God, you turn a burial into a seed’s new chance at lifeYou draw us from the darkness to the light O life within the garden, […]

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You were sewing for mebolts and bobbins, scissors, fabric, bright debrisNo other project could fiton the table of my life while your work covered it You hold a dream, in colors you conceived for meimagined long agoAnd your thread holds across eternity — You were looking at meDid I see some mischief in your smile, some […]

March 29, 2013

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