Lord of the Waves

You walked all night to meet your friends as the waves washed the soles of your feet They saw you far off; they screamed in fright “Is it real? It’s a ghost that we see!” Take courage my friends, it is I, don’t be afraid Take courage my friends, it is I, Lord of the waves” Lord, if it’s you, […]

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Mary and Mary

Mary and Mary cried through that long, hellish night At last day was dawning, the grey dissolved in the light They ran to the grave. …where they were shocked by an angel who shook the ground with his news His face sparked like lightning, flashing & blinding He said, Don’t be afraid: Jesus lives, he lives – let his life […]

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God’s will

When someone is sick, people start talking about God’s will. Thy will be done. What does it mean? I’ve heard it used several ways: “Thy will be done” as a magical prayer. It’s easy to fall into the belief that if I say this special prayer before a frightening, uncertain event, then the outcome is God’s will—even if the outcome […]

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The easiest, hardest thing

Matt. 26:38b Then he said to them, “….Stay here and keep watch with me.” My friend Sue Ann works as a chaplain with SpiritCare Ministry to Seniors. She conducts lovely, gentle worship services at long-term care centers, plus she does visitation and pastoral counseling. SpiritCare recruits volunteers to do things like play the piano, help with communion, and spend time […]

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