God breathing

Psalm 33:6, ICEL God speaks: the heavens are made; God breathes: the stars shine. About 10,000 galaxies appear in the Hubble ultra-deep-field image. A detail is shown to the left, and the full image is at the bottom of this post. It’s a real picture, not an artist’s rendition, and some of the galaxies in it are more than 13 […]

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Strong the love embracing us

Praise! Give glory to God! Nations, peoples, give glory! Strong the love embracing us. Faithful the Lord for ever. (Ps. 117, ICEL) The ICEL Psalter, published in 1994 “for study and comment,” bears the imprimatur, a declaration from the Catholic church that a book is free of moral and doctrinal error. The imprimatur was revoked in 1998, apparently because of the translators’ […]

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The soul mirror

Psalm 69:18, ICEL Face me, I am desperate. The first time I walked the outdoor labyrinth at Mercy Center Burlingame was the first time I walked any labyrinth. I had no expectations. Right away, the path led me close to the center, which surprised me. Here so soon? But the path kept going, so I kept going. I turned, turned again, turned […]

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Handmade (a poem about evidence)

I gaze at the heavens, searching for you, my God. (Ps. 123:1, ICEL Psalter) Handmade Barefoot in the dirt outside our tent in the dark, I bend back my head and open my heart to the sky. I hope to see heaven unravel, galaxies take up the thread then spin, then snap as larger, more practiced hands pull spacetime taut […]

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