That Sound

Jen steps up to the yellow line on the train platform, thinking that today she’ll make an appointment, get herself checked out to make sure nothing’s wrong. Rule out anything serious, so she can stop worrying. As if to confirm the wisdom of this idea, it happens again. Her neck makes that sound as she turns her head to look into the train tunnel. It […]

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Sorry, Not Today

Allen stands at the corner of 48th and Telegraph, swaying gently in his greasy jacket, pajama bottoms, and worn out Crocs. “Got any change?” he asks. Elspeth speeds up. “Aw man! Why not today?” says Allen. No, not today, Elspeth replies to Allen in her head. It’s easiest to act like she doesn’t see him, though there’s no escaping her own self and […]

August 3, 2014

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This is a short story. It is speculative fiction! I hope you enjoy it. Nothing here is meant to depict any real person (except maybe me), and if it does resemble someone else, or some cat you know, that is coincidental.

A beginning, a middle, and an end. Every spiritual-direction relationship has these, though now and then they overlap. Like the time I passed the Professor of Ethics coming out of the bathroom at the seminary and wondered if she was about to ask me to be her spiritual director. Beginning, middle, and end, all contained within the wisp of a fantastical thought that flitted through my mind and mine only, as far as I know. [More….]

June 4, 2014

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