Spiritual direction

Spiritual direction training

For more about becoming a spiritual director, see 5 steps to becoming a spiritual director. Many seminaries and retreat centers offer training programs…here are a few that I’m familiar with in the United States: San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, California. The program at SFTS offers in-depth training, spiritual formation, and help with the process of discerning your call to (or […]

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5 steps to becoming a spiritual director

If you feel that you might have a calling as a spiritual director, the first step is to begin seeing a spiritual director yourself. Step 1: Find your own spiritual director Find a spiritual director and start meeting regularly—make this one of your spiritual practices, part of your self-care. What better way to find out whether spiritual direction is what […]

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Contemplative Music for the Journey

The ten songs on my 2013 album Go in Peace are available on iTunes and Amazon, or you can buy the whole CD directly from me for $10 plus shipping. If you’d like to learn more, check out these listening samples and lyrics for Go in Peace.

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Why charge a fee? And how much?

I’ve come to peace with charging money for offering spiritual direction. In fact, I believe that my charging a fee benefits my directees, and not just me. Why? 1. A fee brings clarity. Charging for spiritual direction brings definition to the relationship. When you walk into my study and hand me money, we know that the coming hour is about […]

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